In the context of carbon neutrality, the development of electric vehicles is imperative! Southeast Asia has also shown great potential and vitality in the field of electric vehicles in recent years. Among them, the governments of Thailand, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries actively promote the green development strategy, through policy incentives and tax incentives and other measures, attracting the attention of many international automobile manufacturers, especially Chinese automobile companies, have turned their eyes to this hot land, seeking new growth points and market expansion.
However, although the Southeast Asian electric vehicle market is hot, the development of the industrial chain is still in the initial stage. The imperfect supply chain and parts ecology have become the key factors restricting the development of the electric vehicle industry in Thailand and even the whole Southeast Asia region. From charging pile infrastructure to intelligent manufacturing, high voltage system research and manufacturing are relatively scarce, the improvement of the entire industrial chain requires cross-border cooperation and exchange, as well as the dual support of technology and capital.
In this context, EV GOVERSEAS and ATC Automotive Technology Platform will co-host the 2nd Southeast Asia-China New Energy Vehicle Industry Conference 2024, which will be held in Bangkok, Thailand from September 26th to 27th. It aims to build a communication bridge between Southeast Asia and China's automotive ecosystem, and accelerate the development of electric vehicle industry in Southeast Asia.
The conference aims to bring together government officials, industry experts, business leaders and investors from China and Southeast Asia, and will set up parallel sessions for policies, regulations and market conditions, batteries, electric drives, charging and replacement infrastructure, intelligent manufacturing, marketing, localized human resources construction, and more than 60+ Chinese, Southeast Asian and international experts to share industry hot topics. The conference will provide a platform for exchanges and cooperation, promote the docking of upstream and downstream enterprises in China and Southeast Asia's new energy vehicle industry chain, promote technological innovation, and strengthen the stability and competitiveness of the supply chain.
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General Assembly Framework-----------------------------------
Sep.26th | Morning

Sep.26th | Afternoon -- Sep.27th | Full day

Main Forum The 2nd Southeast Asia-China New Energy Vehicle Industry Conference

>New Energy Vehicle High Voltage System Parallel Sessions
>Vehicle Manufacturing and Smart Logistics Parallel Sessions
>Automotive Marketing and Talent Building Parallel Sessions
>Charging and Replacing Infrastructure Parallel Sessions

EV Tour: 2nd Southeast Asia New Energy Vehicle Business Tour

The most comprehensive topic and the largest Southeast Asia-China new energy Automobile Industry Conference
2nd Southeast Asia new energy vehicle market business tour

China/Southeast Asia and International speakers;

OEM /Tier1/Tier1/others
15+parallel sessions:
>New Energy Vehicle High Voltage System Parallel Session800V and electric drive technology, power battery materials and technology)
>Charging and Replacing Infrastructure Parallel Session
>Intelligent manufacturing of new energy vehicles Parallel Session
>Southeast Asia Automotive Marketing Parallel Session
Automotive Human Resources Parallel Session
10+ countries enterprises
1+Cocktail dinner
30+ booths display;

1+ 话题最全、 规模最大东南亚-中国新能源

Southeast Asia and Thai government officials

Distribution of Participating Enterprises

Charging pile and industrial chain

Vehicle dealer

Marketing consulting and logistics company

Industry park
Research and institutions
Tier2 Parts manufacturer
Manufacturing equipment
Technical service provider
Testing and certification
High Management                 Planning/Strategy      Technology/R&D Engineering/Manufacturing   Supply Chain               Project Purchases                                 Marketing/Sales         HR
Chairman/General Manager      VP/Chief Engineer/Head of Technology       
Director/Section Chief               Supervisor/Managers        Specialists        
Powertrain manufacturer
Battery manufacturer
Electric drive manufacturer
Distribution of Participating Department:

Distribution of Participating Position:  

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Indonesia Battery Corp
Gotion High-Tech Indonesia
Chinese-funded car factory in Thailand Great Wall Thailand/ BYD Thailand/ Nezha Thailand
one of them)
Thailand auto dealers/Thailand auto parts companies
EV Tour aims to build a bridge linking China and the global EV market exchange and cooperation! With the first quarter of this year, China's automobile export volume exceeded Japan to become the world's largest automobile exporter, it is the right time for China's new energy vehicles to go overseas! EV Tour aims to promote the understanding of EV market, investment environment cognition and opportunity insight in the world through exchange and learning of multinational enterprises and markets, and promote exchanges and cooperation. At the same time, it also helps Chinese enterprises to enhance their competitiveness and help Chinese EV enterprises to layout globally by learning from the experience of foreign enterprises.

Vietnam OEM Vinfast Energy
Japanese car in Thailand
(Toyota, Honda, Isuzu, etc. , one of them)

Visiting enterprises
2024 Southeast Asia New Energy Vehicle Parts Industry Conference
2023 Global Conference on Flat Wire Motors for New Energy Vehicles
Visits to Chinese New Energy Vehicle Parts Enterprises
Investigation of Southeast Asian EV Parts Enterprises
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